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About Us

Flipside Collector's Mall has been investing in quality collectors items for 45 years. We are one of the best stocked first class collector malls that you can possibility visit. We are very diversified with 300 showcases of high grade collectibles. We specialize in personal items of famous people, celebrities and recording stars. Large amount of 1950's & 60's Rock & Roll collector's items plus items of the Beatles & Kiss and music items up to the present. 

Many items for sale are the rarest of the rare collectibles ranging from hardware & sporting items from guns to fishing and knives to hatchets. Large amount of toys ranging from star wars and star trek, G.I.Joe, coin op machines, juke boxes & pin ball machines, racing memorabilia from the 50's to present. 

Western, cowboy & cowgirl items, baseball & football, 1000's of autographs, vast amount of paper collectibles & catalogs in all categories. Circus & Amusement Park items and 1000's of ruby & custard glass souvenir pieces from all the different states. Pedal cars, wagons, 20" bikes & kids motorcycles. 

We are located in Hermitage Pennsylvania in a 11,000 sq. ft store front along with our companion store Flipside Records which is one of the largest record stores in the U.S. having millions of 78's, 45's, Albums, 12" Singles and CD's.

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